About Enviro Systems Inc.

Enviro Systems designs and manufactures environmental control systems that provide a safe and comfortable cabin environment.  Our integrated systems provide automatic control of cabin pressure and temperature.  Our product lines include bleed air valves, outflow valves, vapor cycle air conditioning components, centrifugal & axial fans, sensors, and digital & analog controllers.

Enviro was founded in 1979 and it’s quality system is registered to the ISO9001-2008/AS9100 rev. C requirements.  The company has approximately 170 non-union employees, and is housed in a modern 98,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility.  Enviro is located on the airport (SRE) in Seminole, OK, and is operated by an entrepreneurial management team with extensive aerospace engineering and manufacturing experience.

Innovative Engineering & Engineering Test 

Enviro’s engineering team has extensive experience in system integration and component design and certification.  Enviro’s electrical engineering department is skilled in the design of digital and analog controllers used to control our systems and components including brushless motor controllers for our fans and compressor drives.  The team is experienced in meeting demanding EMC requirements and DO178 software certification.

Enviro’s mechanical engineering team has extensive experience in the design of vapor cycle air conditioning systems and components, axial and centrifugal fans and bleed air control valves.   All designs are performed in our 3D parametric modeling software and they make extensive use of a variety of other design tools.

Enviro’s extensive in-house test facilities enable us to test our products to verify critical performance, efficiency, and environmental characteristics.  Enviro’s air conditioning test facility enables Enviro to test refrigeration systems at both design and off-design conditions.  Its air flow test chamber allows it to test fan performance across its complete operating spectrum.  Enviro’s HALT (Highly Accelerated Life Test) Chamber enables Enviro to subject newly design components to high vibration loads and rapid temperature changes to demonstrate product robustness.  Enviro’s sound chamber is used to advance fan design and help us provide some of the quietest fans in the industry.  Enviro’s EMC/EMI chamber enables Enviro to perform in house DO160 Section 20 & 21 testing early in the design process to insure its electronic products meet EMC/EMI requirements.  Lastly, our extensive environmental and electrical testing capabilities enable Enviro to perform most certification testing in house resulting in faster certification.

Continuous Improvement & Vertical Integration

Enviro embraces the principles of lean manufacturing and continuous improvement.  Enviro’s manufacturing is aided by its use of modern manufacturing systems including CAM, ERP and our internally developed Computer Accessed Product & Process control System (CAPPS).  Enviro is vertically integrated which better enables the company to control product quality and lead time.  Primary metal machining is performed on 3, 4 & 5 axis CNC milling, and single and dual spindle turning, equipment.  Thermoplastic and composite parts are machined on our 3 & 5 axis high speed routers.  Tubes are formed on our CNC tube bending equipment. 

Integrated Process Control Assures Product Quality

Enviro is registered to ISO 9001 and AS9100 by TUV’s Register. In addition, the major worldwide aircraft OEMs and their first tier suppliers have approved our quality system. Our systematic approach to assured quality employs certified operator-inspectors and Statistical Process Control (SPC) on the manufacturing floor as an integral process control.

Quality is also designed into our new product development. Enviro’s cross-functional Program Management teams led by a Program Management Department work together throughout the product development and prototype phase to ensure that each product is designed for manufacturability as well as for function.

Worldwide Support

Enviro’s Customer Support organization is a stand-alone operation with its own management team, inventory, repair technicians, and facilities. The repair station is licensed by both the FAA (Air Agency Certificate BD2R712K) and EASA (Part 145 Approval Certificate EASA.145.4428) and offers its customers complete overhaul of all Enviro products. Turnaround times of less than ten days are the norm.

Spare component parts are also stocked and shipped throughout the world on a moment’s notice. In addition, an AOG service is available 24/7.