Located in central Oklahoma, Seminole is approximately 50 miles east southeast from Oklahoma City and 85 miles southwest from Tulsa. This central location provides residents the ability to enjoy small town life with easy access to large metropolitan areas.

The city of Seminole is named after the one of the Five Civilized Tribes and is still home to this tribe “The Seminole Nation” today. The Tribe’s rich heritage and cultural pride is easy to see throughout Seminole. One of the Seminole Nations most recent cultural endeavors is their acquisition of the Grisso Mansion.

In the mid-1920’s, Seminole was the site of one of the more significant oil fields located on the continental United States.  Tens of thousands of oilfield workers temporarily resided in Seminole. Oil production in the Greater Seminole Oil Field reached a peak of over half a million barrels per day on July 30, 1927. High production rates in the Seminole field forced the first industry price regulation. Seminole has always been and continues today to play an important role in the oil and gas industry, but manufacturing has taken the lead as  the newest economic influence in Seminole.

Important Facts about Seminole


• Average Daytime Temperature in July95 F
• Average Daytime Temperature in January51 F
• Average Number of Sunny Day235
• Average Annual Rainfall38 inches
• Average Annual Snowfall7 inches


Primary and secondary schools

The Seminole area is fortunate to have 5 school systems within the immediate area. These schools range in size from Seminole Public School with an enrollment of 1,700 students to Varnum Public School with 350 students. Oklahoma’s open transfer policy generally enables students to choose the public school that best meets their needs. Other schools are Bowlegs Public School, Strother Public School, and New Lima Public School. All of our high schools are directly linked with Oklahoma’s Career Technology Centers. Gordon Cooper Technology Center and Wes Watkins Technology Center service the Seminole area.

Colleges and Universities:

Seminole is the home of Seminole State College where many of our residents begin their college career. Oklahoma has 3 major research universities; Oklahoma University,  Oklahoma State University, and Tulsa University. Additionally, the Oklahoma University system has 28 regional colleges including East Central University which is only 30 minutes away, and two private colleges located 20 minutes from Seminole, Oklahoma Baptist University and St. Gregory’s University.  

Recreation and Fun:

  Population of 7,434 (2010 Census)