Design Engineering & Product Development

Enviro Systems’ Engineering department uses modern tools and techniques to design and certify new products.  All mechanical designs are created using 3D parametric modeling which allows model exchange with customers for digital mockups and prompt creation of CNC programs for accelerated product manufacture.   Custom micro electronics incorporate multi-layer circuit boards designed and tested in house.  Digital controller software is developed and validated using DO-178 certifiable processes (levels B, C & D).

Enviro’s Engineering and Program Management departments work closely with our customers to create required certification documentation for single products through fully integrated system level solutions.

Enviro has extensive analysis and engineering test capability which enables shortened product/system development cycles and accurate evaluations of system performance under all operating conditions.  These capabilities include:

  • System Performance Testing 
    • Refrigeration system performance
    • Cabin pressurization simulation
    • Bleed air simulation
  • Component Testing Pic 12
    • Airflow
    • Noise (Anechoic sound chamber)
    • EMI & EMC (Anechoic electromagnetic chamber)
    • Rapid prototyping (3D printer)
  • System & Component Analysis EMC

    • Aircraft environmental control system modeling and simulation
    • CFD
    • Stress analysis
  • Reliability Development

    • Highly Accelerated Life Testing (HALT)
    • Electrical Accelerated Stress (EAS)
    • Life cycle test