Qualification Testing

Enviro has investedĀ inĀ the capability to perform most RTCA DO-160 Environmental and Electrical requirements in-house. This capability enables Enviro to reduce design risk and shorten development time.

DO 160 SectionDescriptionIn-house Test Capability
4Temperature and AltitudeCategories A1 through F3
5Temperature VariationCategories A through C, S1 & S2
6HumidityCategories A through C
7Op. ShockCategories A, B & D
8VibrationCategories S, H, Z, R, U & U2
9Explosion ProofnessCategory H
10WaterproofnessCategories Y, W, R & S
15Magnetic EffectAll Categories
16Power InputCategory Z
17Voltage SpikeAll Categories
18Audio Frequency SusceptibilityCategories B, R & Z
19Induced Signal SusceptibilityAll Categories
20Radio Frequency SusceptibilityCategories R & T
21Emission of Radio FrequencyAll Categories
24IcingCategories A & C
25Electrostatic DischargeAll Categories