Bleed Air Valves

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To review some of the bleed air valves that Enviro offers, download the Bleed Air Valves Catalog

Enviro Systems designs and manufactures solenoid operated, motor operated, pressure regulating, and non-return bleed air control valves. These valves are used to regulate and isolate the flow of bleed air in:

  • Air Management Systems
  • Aircraft Environmental Control
  • Anti-Ice/De-Ice
  • Fuel Inerting
  • Pressurization

Typical functions include the regulation of bleed air pressure, temperature, and mass flow.

Valves may integrate micro-electronics and sensors and controlled via discrete inputs or data bus.

Enviro has the capability to test bleed air valves with bleed air temperatures and mass flow rates up to 1000°F and 40 pounds per minute respectively.