Cabin Pressurization

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To review some of the Cabin Pressurization Systems that Enviro offers, download the Cabin Pressurization Catalog

The eKAPS Cabin Pressure Control System provides accurate, automatic cabin pressurization control for a safe and comfortable cabin environment.  Designed to minimize installation cost, weight, and panel space, the eKAPS II system meets the needs of today’s advanced aircraft performance requirements and requires no dedicated display, service air, or pilot input controls.

The eKAPS auto-schedule controller simplifies management of the aircraft pressurization system by automatically communicating with the flight management system (FMS), eliminating pilot input. On the ground, the controller keeps the aircraft safely depressurized. After takeoff, the cabin altitude is automatically scheduled to minimize the pressure changes experienced by passengers and crew for maximum comfort.

The system incorporates maximum delta P and cabin altitude safety features as required by the applicable FARs. The controller incorporates BIT, CBIT, and auto exercise features. Digital controller software is certified to DO-178 Level B standards.

Enviro has an “Iron Bird” test facility that enables the functional testing of the cabin pressure control system up to altitudes of 51,000 feet differential pressure.