Controllers / Sensors

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To review some of the controllers & sensors that Enviro offers, download the Controllers & Sensors Catalog

Enviro designs and manufactures digital and analog controllers and sensors.

Controllers are designed for the extremes of the aircraft environment and are located in pressurized and unpressurized zones of the aircraft. Controllers use multi-layer circuit boards that incorporate surface-mount and through-hole components. Controllers incorporate multiple safety features including BIT, over temperature, and over current protection. Software for microprocessor based controllers is developed and certified in-house to RTCA DO-178 standards.

Sensors include bleed air temperature and mass flow sensors, cabin temperature sensors, and refrigerant and bleed air pressure transducers and switches.

Temperature sensors utilize RTD, thermistor, and Zener diode technology. Sensors can be packaged in hermetic probes for bleed air, refrigerant, or other fluids temperature sensing or with a fan for cabin temperature sensing.

Sensors can utilize micro-electronics to enable communication via aircraft data bus or other functionality.