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Enviro Systems designs and manufactures a family of brushless 28 volt DC and 3-phase, 115/200 volt AC vane axial, mixed flow and centrifugal fans  to meet a range of operational conditions. These fans employ the latest in brushless motor technology for easy maintenance, long operational life and flexible speed control.

Fan blades and stator housings are designed using computation fluid dynamic (CFD) software and proprietary design tools. They are manufactured on 5-axis machine tools and tested on Enviro’s ANSI/ASHRAE 51-2007 calibrated air flow chamber.  Thermo plastic centrifugal fan scroll housings are fabricated in house using Enviro’s thermo former and 5-axis CNC router.

To support the development process, Enviro has invested in a design lab that includes an airflow chamber, semi-anechoic chamber, multi-plane dynamic balancer, and motor dynamometer. These facilities allow Enviro to reduce design risk and develop fans in weeks instead of months.