Vapor Cycle Components

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To review some of the vapor cycle components that Enviro offers, download the Vapor Cycle Components Catalog

Enviro Systems offers broad spectrum vapor cycle air conditioning systems and components for aircraft ranging from single engine piston to commercial transport class aircraft. Drawing from our extensive design database, we can assemble a vapor cycle cooling system to meet specific requirements.

Control of the VCS system is enabled through the use of microprocessor-based compressor and evaporator motor controllers. Control features include:

  • Compressor and fan speed control
  • Refrigerant pressure monitoring and control for
    • evaporator heat exchanger ice prevention
    • system performance optimization
  • Soft start and electrical load control
  • Maintenance and Status Reporting

In addition to providing cooling to occupant spaces in the aircraft, Enviro works with special mission installers to provide dedicated electronics cooling for avionics and mission equipment racks.

To support the development process, Enviro has invested in refrigeration test cells that enable the testing of refrigerant systems in a range of on-design and off-design conditions.